Science Techno Park - IPB University

STP IPB takes on a concept of integrated area that covers 3.46 hectare of total area. This integrated area is fully dedicated for research and development, business incubation, as well as technology transfer of tropical agriculture products, foods,biosciences, and marines to develop and encourage sustainable economic growth



Startup businesses, in the field of tropical agriculture, foods, bioscience and ocean
Researchers/Lecturers, private/industries for scaling-up their R&D products
Industrial partners utilizing extractor machine, vacuum fryer, vacuum evaporator, spray dryer, label designing and packaging (e.g. liquid, pasta, and powder)
Businessmen and exporter based on herbal medicine products, simplicial, standardized herbs, and func onal foods
Industries willing to implement GAP, GHP, GMP, SSOP (Sanita on Standard Opera ng Procedure) and Food Safety System
Business partners from government institutions/private sectors, consultant, NGO, event organizer, coopera on, associa on and farmer groups need the facili es such as mee ng room and training