“Become The Best Science Techno Park of Tropical Agricultural, Food, Biosciences and Ocean in South East Asia”.


  1. To perform incubation programs for startup in tropical agriculture, biosciences and marines;
  2. To conduct technology transfer inter mediation of the IPB University research towards business environment;
  3. To provide facilities such as office, co-working space, ecosystem and networks that support business development for tenants;
  4. To give services for industries such as laboratory test, pilot scale production plant including research analysis and product development;
  5. To develop human resources, technology, and give business solution.



  1. To build startup entrepreneur based on technology through business incubation processes;
  2. To increase the success of technology transfer and new product of IPB University invention;
  3. To create a conducive ecosystem for business development based on sciences and technology through the provision of intellectual capacity, financial and networks.