What is Business Incubator…?

Incubation is “the concept of nurturing qualifying entrepreneurs in managed workspaces called incubators”.

Incubator is “a dedicated workspace (building) to support qualifying businesses with: mentorship, training,professional networking and assistance in finding finances until they graduate and can survive in the competitive environment”. (Dr. Laurence Hewick – Canadian Business Incubator, 2006)

The business incubator is a physical space or facility that accommodates a business incubation process.


The business incubator at IPB was first established in August 1994 with the name Center for Agribusiness and Agroindustry (PIAA-IPB) under a Research and Community Service Institution. The founding of PIAA marked a new era in providing services for SMEs as well as Startup in an integrated program for three years incubation period in terms to serve and grow the SMEs by graduating good entrepreneurs who grow to independent SMEs in the field of agribusiness and agroindustries. 

Based on decree of Rector No.211/13/OT/2005 date June 2, 2005 PIAA-IPB was developed into Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDC)-IPB and then change to be incuBie (Business Incubator and Entrepreneuship Development Center) based on decree of Rector No. 211/I3/OT/2011 date December 6, 2011.

In 2018 the Business Incubator was merged with the Science and Technology Park (STP) to become the Directorate of the Science Technology Park and Business Incubator (DKSTIB) based on decree Rector No 40/IT3/KP/2019 under the coordination of the Vice Rector for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship. In mid-2020, DKSTIB was merged with the Directorate of Innovation and Intellectual Property (DIK) to become the Science and Technology Park (STP) of IPB University based on decree MWA IPB No 06/MWA-IPB/P/2020. Right now, the business incubator is a part of the STP IPB University.